The Symposium on World Cultures

The Symposium on World Cultures is a unique event sponsored by the Urantia Foundation Education Committee and will take place April 11 to 15 in their Chicago offices.

This five-day meeting will bring together a dozen students from different corners of the world, sharing their presentation on the cultural landscape of their country related to religious and social development. Many aspects of past, present and future culture and their implications in regard to dissemination and progress of The Urantia Book will be shared.

Among the many presentations on the schedule, Line St-Pierre, President of the Association Urantia du Québec, was invited to represent Canada.

To know the live schedule of these multiple presentations and to consult the agenda, go to the Ustream site by following this link in the UPCOMING section:

Presentations will be made in English and can be viewed offline if you can not watch them live.

Gaétan G.Charland
Study Group Chair