Updated features on UAC site

Dear friends,

We have recently added a few items on our site which could be of interest to you.

If you click on the Study tab, followed by the Study Groups sub-tab, you will have available a series of five audio/visual presentations; related with the purpose of a study group and followed through with elaborated methods to create and facilitate one…click on Tips on Study Groups; a must see!

Also –

We have inserted a Donation tab which is now fully functional with both PayPal and credit card options. Please check it out and feel free to test it.

While we do not have a charitable status allowing us the issuing of a tax deduction receipt for your annual income file, a small donation should have little or no impact on it. On the other hand, for considered substantial donations on your part, our treasurer invites you to use this relatively interesting equation as a practical means:

In this example –

  • Your tax bracket is 35%
  • You wish to donate 100. $ but you know that 35. $ of this money is dedicated to government.
  • Sending 65. $ as a donation will meet your allowable budget of 100. $, equivalating more or less the same expense in the outcome.

All in all, we know the true meaning of your contribution.

Please make the best of the information above and feel free to question us Here