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Strolling through the park, Emily pondered how she could make a difference in the world. Suddenly, her phone buzzed with an email about a new matching fund. The notification seemed to wink at her, as if saying, “This is your moment.” Inspired by the green of the trees around her, she felt connected to a greater cause. She took the leap.

We invite you to experience a similar moment of inspiration. The Center for Unity has just received a generous matching fund of $100,000 from an anonymous donor. This is not just a call for donations; it’s an invitation to be part of a transformative movement.

Here’s the exciting part:

Between now and the end of 2023, all donations will be matched dollar for dollar. For new recurring donations, we receive the matching funds for the entire first year IMMEDIATELY.

Your RECURRING commitment could help us bring the life and teachings of Jesus into the digital age through projects like our Discover Jesus web app, the AskJesus Chatbot, the Cinematic Jesus film series, and the immersive Jesus Experience at the Sea of Galilee.

This is your chance to make a lasting impact.

Click here to make a new matched donation.

If you need assistance or have any questions, please reply to this email, and we’ll be more than happy to help.

Upcoming Events:

We welcome you to join our monthly ask-me-anything (AMA) meetings, on the 4th Wednesday of every month, at 1:30 PM ET. An invite will be sent separately each month.

Thank you for considering this incredible opportunity to amplify your impact. Together, we can create a world filled with unity and hope.

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The Center for Unity Executive Team

Gabriel Rymberg, Israel
Visionary, Project Management, Translations, CFU President

Rick Lyon, U.S.A
Experience Project Management, Fundraising, WMOJ President

Luis Miguel Morales, Argentina
Human Resources, Organizational Structure

Santiago Kneeland, Mexico
Cinematic Project Management, Sales and Marketing

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The Center for Unity
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