UAC Privacy Policy

Revised Privacy Policy Adopted by the Representative Council August 4, 2014

(Note: Urantia Association of Canada is in compliance with the Privacy Policy as stated below, adopted by the Representative Council of Urantia Association International.)

Urantia Association International is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization registered in the state of Illinois in the United States of America. Visit for more information.

The Urantia Association International (the Association) collects personal information from individuals to assist readers of The Urantia Book in contacting other readers and forming study groups, thereby discovering and sharing its teachings, communicating Association activities, and disseminating Association publications. Personal information may be stored in the Association’s databases or similar hard-copy files.

This Privacy Policy establishes the restriction for the collection, storage, transfer, and use of personal information for readers of The Urantia Book and is intended to be in compliance with the European Union Council Directive 95/46/EC of 24 October 1995 (“Safe Harbor”) and other international policies for the protection of personal information. Persons who identify themselves by providing name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, etc., are giving permission for the Association to use that information in accordance with this policy.

This policy pertains to personal information of individuals collected by the Association through our website,, by local or national associations, or at any event solely sponsored by the Association. This policy does not apply to any websites linked to or from our website or to any other individual, organization, or group that the Association may recommend or be associated with. National and Local constituent associations and/or Association members are required to adhere to this policy.

The information collected and stored by UAI is voluntarily provided by the individual and with full knowledge, understanding, and agreement with this Privacy Policy. Personal information collected by UAI shall be used only for the purpose intended and shall not be shared with any person outside of UAI or with any other organization without the express consent of the individual.* Personal information may be removed or modified at the request of the individual by providing UAI with written notice thereof. Providing UAI with an e-mail address automatically gives UAI permission to periodically communicate via the Internet. It shall be the responsibility of the individual to notify UAI of changes to their personal information.

Credit card or payment information from contributors shall not be shared outside of the Association. The Association shall take reasonable measures to assure the reliability of the information collected, stored, transferred and used by the Association for the intended uses and take reasonable precautions to protect this information from loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, or destruction. All personal information may be disclosed in response to judicial or government warrants, subpoenas, or other governmental orders. The Association is not responsible for the use of such subpoenaed information after it is transferred.

All individuals for which the Association collects, stores, transfers, or uses personal information shall have access to their personal information by contacting the President or Secretary of the Local or National association for their geographic area or the Executive Administrator of the Association. The Association will remove or modify the individual’s personal information within 10 business days of receiving a written request from the individual. The Association reserves the right to verify the identity of persons submitting such requests.

The Association will maintain policies and procedures for assuring compliance with Safe Harbor principles. The Association will provide notification and training to all Association members with access to personal information for its safe guarding and proper use. Individuals whose personal information is used in violation of this policy shall be notified immediately. Association members who violate the provisions of this Association Privacy Policy shall immediately be barred from access to the information and be subject to review by the Association Judicial Commission.

All Association members with access to personal information shall agree to comply with all Association policies including this Privacy Policy. This policy may be amended from time to time, but the restricted use of previously collected information shall not change without written notification to each individual affected. An individual may, at any time, request that their personal information no longer be used by the Association.

*Personal information collected and stored by UAI for the purpose of reader referral[i.e., the individual has agreed to their information being shared with other readers in their local region] will be shared with Urantia Foundation for this purpose. Contact information of an individual who requests contact with other readers in their area will be sent to those readers via e-mail. It will be the responsibility of those readers to respond to the requester if they so desire.

Policy for Urantia Association Forums, Discussion Boards, Chat Rooms, and Email Lists

When a person agrees to participate in the Association’s discussion forums, discussion boards, chat rooms, email lists, etc., a minimum amount of personal information may be submitted voluntarily to establish their profile. This profile will be used only to establish the participant’s identity for the forum for which it was obtained and shall not be shared with any other forum or purpose. The email address provided shall not be transferred, sold, given, or otherwise disclosed to any third party.

Participation in any of these groups implies the participant’s agreement to the rules and methods of the group. In order to protect the privacy of other participants, all communications within the group shall not be shared with anyone outside of the group without the expressed permission of the original author of the communication. Violation of any rules of such groups will be cause for immediate action without notification in accordance with the rules of each group.

Financial Transactions

Only those personal details needed to complete a donation, contribution, or sale transaction will be obtained either on-line, by telephone, postal mail or in person. Our site uses a securely encrypted contribution response form. Credit card numbers shall be used only via secure transaction processing and shall not be retained for other purposes.

Event Registrations

Information submitted in order to register for attendance at any event solely sponsored by the Association shall be only used for registration and may, with permission, be added to our database of Urantia Book readers. Credit card information will be maintained only for a period reasonably necessary to ensure payment for the event has been received.


By acknowledging this Privacy Policy, you expressly agree to the terms therein and acknowledge that you are at least 18 years of age. All Association members with access to this information also agree to use this information only in the manner set forth within this policy even after such access is no longer available to them.