Vancouver 2020 – Urantia Global Experience

University of the Fraser Valley, BC  Canada

July 28 to August 1, 2020

Lifting Together – United in Purpose – Serving God the Supreme

The Urantia Association of Canada and The Urantia Book Fellowship have teamed up to host this gathering in the Vancouver Fraser Valley. They invite everyone to come together to serve the global community by making a personal contribution to civilization on Urantia.

The Urantia Global Experience is a gathering of minds dedicated to serving God the Supreme through the exploration of solutions for the progressive evolution of civilization. We believe the overall success of this experimental endeavor rests on our spiritual unity – our common motive to express the will of God in our personal daily lives as well as in our social institutions.

The format of this gathering will be a little different than past related experiences. Rather than a series of lectures and workshops, all participants will engage in discussion groups focused on a variety of topics drawn from The Urantia Book (see Paper 71:4 Progressive Civilization). From these discussions, we hope to derive common ideas, solutions, and purpose.

To implement these grand ideals, we need your help. We are currently taking applications for Facilitators and Visionary Exploration presenters, as well as for volunteers.

  • Facilitator Pairs – are required to moderate the discussions in both Focus Groups and Vision Teams. These discussions will focus on the 12 points of progressive civilization as placed in the context of working with the Supreme, and all Facilitators should be conversant in these areas.
  • Presenters – further discussions (Visionary Explorations) are dedicated to the advancement of civilization through current active projects, planned projects, and great ideas for new projects.
  • Volunteers – anyone who would like to lend a helping hand as custodians or ushers, as well as setting up equipment, cleaning, or doing a great variety of minor chores. We also need people who would like to sing in our choir.

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Note: Due to spatial constraints, this event is limited to 300 actively engaged participants.

See our website for more information – Urantia Global Experience


UB Ontario 2019

Photo by Walter Psotka

Twenty-six readers gathered (Sept 27-29)  on the shores of Lake Couchiching at the YMCA Retreat & Conference Center in Orillia, Ontario, to enjoy a weekend together at UB Ontario 2019.

It was a remarkable weekend as one would expect when Urantia Book readers gather to worship, study, socialize, share music, chat, hug and otherwise let our unseen friends fill in the gaps. It was a “magical” time together. In the group were a number of new readers (less than 2 years) as well as many first-time conference-goers. Clearly all were truth-seekers coming from many walks of life.

These samples of post-gathering comments say it best.

“I haven’t felt this level of soul communion in a long time. It was way beyond expectations, for one reason, I didn’t have any and so every moment was like a bonus.”

“So wonderful to meet some new readers plus spend quality time together.”

“We’re still on a high over here! …already excited about next year’s edition … to the absolute joy of these first-time personality connections! … look forward to serving with all of you through the many adventurous millennia that lie ahead as we make our way together along that amazing, joyous – and sometime perplexing journey!”

“Wow, it was grand”


2021 Urantia Association International Conference – Peru

April 22 – 25, 2021

We are pleased to announce that the next International Conference for Urantia Association International will be held in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, Urubamba, Cusco, Peru and will hosted by the Urantia Association of Peru.

The theme will be Towards Cosmic Citizenship and the program will incorporate a combination of plenary sessions that will be held at the conference center, and workshops that will be held at the nearby famous archaeological sites. (The most beautiful and famous sites of the Incas are found in the Secret Valley.) A bus service will be provided to transport us to these sites and the costs will be included in the conference package price.


10th National Colombian Urantia Book Conference, 2019

November 9 – 11, 2019

Dear student of The Urantia Book, we are sending you this invitation so that you can attend our 10th National Colombian Urantia Book Conference, which will take place this year in the city of Tolú, Colombia, from 09 to 11 November 2019.

The Urantia Colombia will be happy to have you in their city Tolú to share the insights of the revelation; we are counting for that reason on your registration too. It will be a great opportunity to participate in fellowship, while we enrich our lives with lectures and workshops in a pleasant environment surrounded by nature and tranquility close to the Caribbean beach. Help to share this invitation to all readers and friends and even to non-readers who might want to participate in this event.

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Dutch Speaking Urantia Book Readers Conference, 2019

November 3, 2019

Urantia Association of The Netherlands (UAISUN) is hosting its annual conference for Dutch speaking Urantia Book readers at the Estate Groot Kievitsdal which is situated in the beautiful forests of the Estate Pijnenburg between Hilversum and Baarn.

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Italian-French-Spanish Conference 2019

Conference Dates: October 24-27, 2019

We invite you to our Italian-French-Spanish conference for Urantia Book readers in Italy. This  will be the fifth Urantia Book readers’ conference in our country, Italy and will be held in northern Italy at the Hotel Europa in Desenzano del Garda in Lombardy, on the southwestern shore of Lake Garda.

The conference theme will be, “Spiritual Maturity” through character-strength and a unified personality realizing a life rich with enormous potential given to us by the Universal Father.

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Midwest Conference


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The Symposium on World Cultures

The Symposium on World Cultures is a unique event sponsored by the Urantia Foundation Education Committee and will take place April 11 to 15 in their Chicago offices.

This five-day meeting will bring together a dozen students from different corners of the world, sharing their presentation on the cultural landscape of their country related to religious and social development. Many aspects of past, present and future culture and their implications in regard to dissemination and progress of The Urantia Book will be shared.

Among the many presentations on the schedule, Line St-Pierre, President of the Association Urantia du Québec, was invited to represent Canada.

To know the live schedule of these multiple presentations and to consult the agenda, go to the Ustream site by following this link in the UPCOMING section:

Presentations will be made in English and can be viewed offline if you can not watch them live.

Gaétan G.Charland
Study Group Chair


-Greetings Brothers and Sisters!

To the Enlightened Spiritual Brotherhood

This year’s Remembrance Supper is just a couple of days away. We hope you plan on commemorating this important event, honoring the request of our Sovereign to ‘do this in remembrance of him.’ (UB 179:5.9)

We at TheChristExperiment are in complete solidarity with all lovers of Michael who willingly subject themselves to his will and choose to commune with him on this special evening. We commemorate this event as a united family, not only for Michael who chose us as his bestowal planet, but also for the Divine Minister and all her myriads of children who support us.

We do this for Machiventa Melchizedek, our vicegerent Prince, as he watchers over Michael’s home planet. We do this for the Four and Twenty who are tasked with the oversight of the rebellion-torn worlds, and for Lanaforge as he works to unite his system and realign it with the Paradise circuits.

We do this for the Archangels who selected our planet to establish their headquarters, the angels of the churches who direct us, and the Magisterial Sons who visit to see how we are progressing. We do this for the Teacher Sons who watch and plan for the time when we will be ready for their ministry.

We do this for all the Midwayers who care for us and our planet, and the Revelatory Commission that meticulously revealed all of this unknown reality. And, of course, we do this for our great unmatched ineffable Grand Father of All.

It would seem that no other ritual that we Urantians could engage in would draw to our planet more celestial interest than this commemoration. What could be more interesting than to witness the progress of Michael’s ministry on the “World of the Cross.” And what better evening than the anniversary of ‘the only ceremony or sacrament associated with Jesus’ whole life mission.’ (UB 179:5.4)

As you participate in the reenactment of the Remembrance Supper, keep these things in mind. Know that you will not be commemorating alone. We are promised that when two or more are gathered together in Jesus’ name, he is present by means of the Spirit of Truth. That is the guarantee. But let us not forget that he is also present when there is only one person if that person invites him.

So however you will be commemorating this year, whether in a group or alone, be sure to invite Michael to commune with you, and know with your eyes of faith that he is present. But also know that the entire universe of Nebadon is with us in spirit, and some will be with us in person.

To put you in the right frame of mind, please take a look at our Remembrance Supper Videos:

Alone in Gethsemane

Paper 179 – The Last SupperPaper

180 – The Farewell Discourse

Paper 181 – Final Admonitions

And have a wonderful evening!

Your Brothers at


UGE Announcement


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