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Urantia Association of The Cascades

The Urantia Association of The Cascades was formed in 1997 and is situated in the city of Vancouver. It takes its name from the beautiful mountain range, the Canadian Cascades. This local association is of service to English speaking readers of The Urantia Book wherever they are in Canada.

It is composed of a service board of three regular members, while the membership consists of about twenty associate members. The association offers support to a few study groups and non-affiliated Urantia Book readers alike.

The president: Brian Sikorski

The Vice-president: Michael Creber

The secretary/treasurer:  Kasandra Jansen

Mailing address:

415 Esplanade West,  #130 Spirit Trail
North Vancouver,  BC
V7M 1A6

Tel: (604) 970-6901
Fax: (604) 984-3422

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Association Urantia du Québec

The Urantia Association of Quebec (AUQ) was formed and affiliated with the Urantia Association International (UAI) in 1997. It is officially registered in Canada as a charitable organization, number 86790 0094 RR. The association has its home office in St-Jerome and has approximitaly ninety regular members. The association works to serve the French readership of The Urantia Book across Canada, it supports and serves over sixteen study groups and more than five hundred non-affiliated readers.

The Association publishes a monthly newsletter, Reflectivity, that is sent electronically or by regular mail to all members or readers who wish to receive it. In the same manner, they send the French version of the international newsletter Tidings and the UAI Journal whenever they are published. Since 1998, AUQ  has its own website and supports the efforts of dissemination of The Urantia Book in poor countries.

Like all other local or national associations, it has its own board of directors and this one is composed of six members and holds regular meetings to keep the membership and non-affiliated readers informed of its activities and projects.

President : Gaétan G. Charland


Vice-president : Vacant

Secretary : Claudette Gonthier

Treasurer : Marc Belleau

Communication Chair : Line Saint-Pierre

Urantia Association of Quebec
569 Francine
Ste-Sophie,QC, Canada
J5J 2H7

Tel. : 450-565-3323

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